#G2EChat Question 2: Recap (student well being)

29 Sep

On September 28th I invited anyone interested to join me online and participate in the Ministry of Education’s “From Great to Excellent” public consultation process. Over 4 weeks we’ll consider all seven questions, discuss them and prepare something for submission to The Ministry. This is my effort at capturing some of that discussion:

After 30 minutes of discussing question 1 we moved on to question 2:

Early on we recognized that students well-being is critical and an essential foundation for learning:

For student’s to feel well, schools must be places where all students feel accepted:

We recognized that schools are only part of a student’s life, and student well-being can only be served is we are part of a network of caring:

Many of the students in classrooms arrive without basic needs being met:

We think schools needs stronger partnerships to help support student well-being:

After 30 minutes of discussion these were the responses submitted to Question 2.

Here is the complete discussion in its entirety.

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